From Farmer to Freelancer, it was that…hard. 

A few short months ago I gave up the WI farm life. The cows left. The tractors left. It all left, and there I stood completely enamored by all the possibilities before me. With little work experience in “the outside world” and no drivers license I began to search out ways to make money from home. I figured that it would be easy, in this day and age, but it wasn’t. I joined so many freelance sites but none of them seemed to pay off. I tried guest blog posting but wasn’t getting much success there either. In some magical way of fate I stumbled upon a wonderful woman who was looking at guest posting for a site that I had. I took a leap very unlike myself, I messaged a total stranger and asked how she got started in freelance work. It turned out she needed an assistant, so she trained me in and taught me so much. These days I’m skilled with Hootsuite, I can run what feels like a million social media accounts in addition to my own. In the last week I’ve even been able to learn how to use WordPress better! After weeks of searching and trying, I finally found something that I enjoyed doing and payed off. It took so much longer than I expected but it has been one of the most rewarding decisions of my life. 

I’ll forever be grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given, it has been so satisfying to find out all the learning I can do, and everything that I am capable of. In the coming years I’m hoping to expand on what I’m learning now and be as successful as ever, who knows, maybe one day I’ll be able to run a business like this myself. For now, I have a lot of learning and managing to do! 

It wasn’t long ago I was riding shotgun in a semi hauling grain, now I’m a social media extraordinaire! 

Keep writing and Keep faith!


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