Cold Winter Days

Today is the perfect day to have a job online. While it’s a balmy 29 degrees here in Wisconsin with the wind blowing I can hide inside with a cup of hot chocolate and work all afternoon. 

Even now, a month in, I am still shocked by all the freedom this job gives me. I was able to schedule several posts to 5 social media sites just on the way to the grocery store! (While my boyfriend was driving of course.) Doing things like web design or running Hootsuite I’m able to get so much done in so little time, so I’ve been able to keep working while I pack everything to move to a new place. It’s been phenomenal to be able to work while my laundry is going, or the kids are napping. 

Along with all the freedom and experience his job has given me, it’s also given me pride. I’m shocked by all the things I have been able to accomplish with little to no help. I’ve been ecstatic to find out all that I am capable of and that makes me feel amazing. The sense of pride I have gotten from finding out that I have been one of the best assistants yet, and caught on faster than anyone else, is something that will remain priceless. 

No matter what you’re thinking, go ahead. Even if you aren’t sure, do it. You’re capable more than you know, you just have to work hard enough to find that out, I did. The satasfied feeling you’ll get when you’ve completed your first task is something that can’t be replicated. So go for that promotion, write that book, whatever it is you’ve been dreaming of, take it head on! You can do it! 

Keep writing and Keep faith! 


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