My Goals for January 2017

This is a time of year when goals and resolutions are all over the place, so now is the perfect time for me to share mine!

Be more organized. I’ve had all sorts of work going on, along with a move in the last month and a half, now that I’m all settled in I want to get my stuff together! Its time to break out the binders, colored pens, and sticky notes and really get a handle on things! binderstoorganize

Post more often. It was hard to find time to blog at first, but more importantly the subject matter just wasn’t there. Now that I’m more established in my position and on social media, I want to post more, about both my professional and personal life.

Be more outgoing. My whole life I have been a very quiet and shy person, but if I am going to succeed in this huge world of social media marketing then I need to be able to stand up and say “Here I Am!”. This is the year that I am going to find out just what I am capable of and share it with the world! emilie-oct-2012-157a

I hope you’ll check back with me February 2017 to find out just what I’ve accomplished!


Keep Writing and Keep Faith




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