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Distractions & How to Deal with Them


Distractions, and how to deal with them, possibly the most important blog post I have written yet. Distractions are a difficult thing to deal with, but a lot of the time they can prove to help you in a lot of ways. I am here to show you all the ways that your distractions can benefit you.

Facebook-This is a distraction that I like to use as my friend as often as possible. They’re are a lot of useful resources for bloggers, authors, and virtual assistants alike on Facebook, you just have to know where to look. If you find yourself paging through yours news feed instead of accomplishing what you had planned for the day then stop, and think, “How can I use this to help me?” Look up groups or pages on marketing, blogging, or virtual assistants. They’re are a lot of groups you can join, to look for advice, or promote your books or services.

Twitter-This is another social media distraction that can prove to be more helpful than hurtful. Networking on Twitter can be HUGE, find other authors or bloggers to connect with. I myself have found a lot of other virtual assistants who have had a lot of helpful advice or good people to follow to resources. Just as important as people to follow, you can find out about a lot of good hashtags to use, to get noticed more. Networking is important all over the place.

TV-TV is one of my top distractions, and one of the hardest to use to your benefit. It has taken me along time to use the TV more as background noise than a distraction. I like to have noise when I’m working so a lot of the time I turn on shows that I don’t necessarily enjoy, so I am not as likely to want to watch them.

The key to success with distractions, is to use them to your benefit as best as you can. Look for ways that your distractions can help you instead of hurt you, because it’s likely that they can. If you find yourself lost on social media, use it to network, there are many ways on every single social media platform to network with people just like yourself. A lot of the time you’ll find that these people are willing to help you and give you advice so that you succeed too, I have witnessed this first hand, it is actually how I became a virtual assistant in the first place. Find people like yourself who want to succeed in places like blogging, social networking or as a virtual assistant. Find hashtags that will increase your exposure, on both Facebook and Twitter. Use it all to your advantage, find ways to succeed despite your flaws, because it is possible, and I know that you can do it.


Keep Writing and Keep Faith,




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