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How to use Social Media to Boost Traffic & Sales

Social media is a great way to boost both your traffic and sales, as long as you know how. I took the time to do some research and compile a handful of links on how to use social media differently to  make yourself more successful!

Facebook can be a great networking tool, personally but as you network personally don’t forget the networking that Facebook could do for your business! If you don’t have a business page, I strongly recommend that you make one, it can help widen your audience, and who knows maybe your friends and family could end up being potential clients. It never hurts to try! Facebook groups are also a great way to network, you may find potential clients and even people just like you, who are full of ideas and advice! The more you network and spread the word about what you do and how awesome you are, the more traffic you’ll get, and in turn up your sales!

The trick to being successful and boosting sales and traffic on Twitter is all about networking and using the correct hashtags. For instance, my niche is with authors so when I am looking for potential clients on Twitter or advertising my service I look for hashtags like #Authorlife, or #AuthorConfession. Using the correct hashtags is more likely to get your site and services in front of your audience. My absolute favorite hashtag to use on Twitter is #MondayBlogs. Each Monday I publish my latest blog post and then share it on my Twitter using the Monday Blogs hashtag and it usually blows up. The idea is that you get what you give so the more you retweet and like other posts the more likely it is that your posts will be seen. On top of your posts getting more exposure, the chances of gaining more followers are huge.

Chances are you probably have social media accounts already, so why not use them to your advantage? I hope this tricks and tips help you succeed, as always if you need more assistance with social media, I am here to help! Don’t hesitate to contact me through my site or at ruralvirtualassistant@gmail.com

Keep Writing and Keep Faith,



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