Finding your team-Gwendolyn Druyor

I really truly believe we can do amazing things when we work together. It may come from being a musician. My primary instrument is my voice. I can only sing one note at a time. (I’m not as skilled as Avi Kaplan of Pentatonix) But you put my note with a soprano’s note with a tenor’s note, and sure, let’s throw a bass in there, and you’ve got more than four notes. It’s the magic of Harmonics.
Harmonics prove that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
When I wrote down my goals for 2017, increasing my professional social media presence was right at the top of the list. Buuuuuut,
Come January, I still didn’t have a plan. I had no clue and worse I had no heart. I didn’t have any heart for selling myself. I felt helpless in the face of the national disaster and a personal loss. I didn’t care if my books sold. I didn’t want to reach out to people to sell them a story. I didn’t see a point to it. Buuuuuut,
I have quit on myself too many times.
My WIP at the time was Laylea, a Wyrdos Tale. In the story my eponymous hero keeps begging her injured friend to let her call for help. He refuses. He wants to stay hidden. He doesn’t want anyone to know that he’s turning into a vampire. So he refuses to let her call for help.

Well, I thought about that.
I don’t want to stay hidden. I want everyone to know that I write books. I want you all to READ my books. Obvious answer, ask for help.
Emilie Rabitoy’s name had popped up in a couple writer’s groups on Facebook and in my writers chat room. So I reached out having absolutely zero clue as to how she could help me.
Once we decided to work with each other she asked a question that seemed a bizarre non-sequitur.
. . . if you can give me insight to the kind of things you want post (i.e. inspirational, motivational, faith guided, etc).
I answered reflexively. I didn’t truly understand the question but I knew if I fretted over it, I would never reply. So I grabbed at the word motivational. Not thinking all that much about it, I replied
I like the idea of motivational posts, hopeful, together we can change the world kind of things. That’s a common theme all my stories share.
In my book Hardt’s Tale, Hardt is literally trying to bring all the peoples together to change their world. In Laylea, each of the wyrdos wields their own special skill but it takes all of them together to prevent a disaster.
I didn’t realize how deeply this theme of teamwork resonates with me until I saw a tweet from ‘myself’ aka. Emilie repeated on Facebook.
We will always be more successful together, don’t ever forget it! #Motivation #success #togetherness I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things. Mother Teresa
I felt this weird tingle in my heart. I thought, Yeah, I’m not alone. I’ve got my sprint room crew, my editor, my betas, my partner, Lyman(even though a dog resting his head on your forearm isn’t really all that conducive to writing), and now I have a social media manager who can magically reach out and make me motivate myself! Yes! I can do it. WE can do it!
Ask for help! Find your team! Use Harmonics to change the world!

And go read Laylea, A Wyrdos Tale!


Gwendolyn Druyor is an author and actor living in the liberal enclave of Los Angeles but hailing from the snowy enclaves of Maine, Ohio, and Illinois. She writes fantasy and urban thrillers with a focus on loners who nevertheless recognize the need for teamwork.

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