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How to Become a “Must Follow” Person on Social Media

These days social media is a very important tool, but making sure you’re using it correctly is the most important part of having a social media account and using it to market your books or services. I have several tips on how you can become a “Must Follow” kind of person on social media.

Post Often – Posting on each of your social profiles often can be very important, try to do it on a schedule, apps like Hootsuite  can help you do this. Make sure that isn’t the only time you post on your accounts. If you only post on a schedule it will feel forced or like you’re trying too hard. 

Post Meaningful Information – Posting meaningful or valuable information can be more important than how often you post. Your followers want to feel like they are getting something out of following you. If you just retweet or share other people’s posts no one will get anything out of it. Try to post things that are motivational, or encouraging. Even better than that, post information that your followers can use, if most of your followers are authors post things that will teach them how to market better, or how to write better, they will be more likely to follow your profile and what you post then.

Engage with your Followers – Engaging with your followers is crucial. If you just post it won’t mean anything, make sure that you’re tweeting to your new followers and thanking them. You should also be helping those who help you, if they retweet and like your tweets, you should do the same. Doing this will help you gain a bigger audience, more followers means more exposure and more chances to prove that you are someone who cares about their followers.

Host Contests or Giveaways – Hosting contests or giveaways can bring more followers to your page, increase traffic, and interest. On top of this it is a huge opportunity to give back to your long time followers! The contests and giveaways don’t have to be hosted once a week, or even once a month but doing it more often may help you out more.

Use Relevant Hashtags – On both Twitter and Instagram it is important to use relevant or popular hashtags. These hashtags will get you more publicity and exposure. Using these hashtags will help you become more popular and relevant just like the hashtags themselves!

1 thought on “How to Become a “Must Follow” Person on Social Media”

  1. These are excellent tips! As a relatively new blogger, I am still seeking help to grow my followers. Definitely I’ve noticed that engagement is key, as is reciprocating. Thanks for the post!

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