The Road to Success & How to Achieve It

This week’s blog post is more laid back and personal than others. I have worked hard to get where I am today, just as many people have. I would like to share what success is to me and how I was able to achieve it.

The road to success is one that is always being paved and heads to no where in particular.  No matter how successful you are, there will always be room for improvement. There are many ways that I have found success in my life, but the most rewarding by far has been succeeding as a personal assistant for authors. There is no straightforward way to measure, or to achieve success, but you’ll know when you have. Success is a feeling. For me, I knew I had reached some form of success when I had been retweeted and thanked by Rachel Thompson of BadRedheadMedia.com. She has become an idol of sorts for me. Rachel and her assistant Melissa have taught me so much in the few short months I have been an author assistant on my own, and I will be forever grateful for that. Achieving this success wasn’t always easy, but it was something I wanted to do so bad that I knew I couldn’t give up, so I kept trying. Today’s blog post details how to achieve success.


How to Achieve Success: Set a Goal

Before you can go after something, it is very important to know what you want. Be very clear, concise and detailed.  Along with having a detailed goal, it should be simple. Don’t go over the top, keep your goals small. You’ll achieve them faster, and easier if they aren’t so complex. If you achieve all your small, simple goals one at a time, then the big picture goal will come together easily. There should be no question in your mind about what you want to succeed at. If need be, get out a pen and paper, write it down so you don’t forget it. If you’re anything like me the goal you set won’t be something you need to write down, it will be obvious and in the forefront of your mind constantly.

Gather your Materials

Whether it’s a software, program, or a mindset there will be materials that you need to gather to achieve your goal. Before you get too far in make sure you have everything you need, it will make achieving your goal so much easier. For me being prepared and gathering my materials meant that I needed to have Hootsuite Pro, a daily planner to keep me on track, a website and a Twitter account! Once you have everything you need, the real fun starts.

Just Keep Working

Though it may seem difficult, the most important part of achieving your success is to keep working at it. There will be days when you do not feel like getting up, or putting the effort it but it is necessary.  Monday’s are the worst for me, it is when I have the most to do and feel like doing it the least, but I know that I cannot succeed unless I keep working, so I push myself. Even after you have achieved success and met your goals, keep working. Set another, and another and soar all the way to the stars, prove everyone who ever doubted you wrong.

Keep going, keep working, keep trying. I promise if you make a plan, believe in yourself and work at it, you CAN and you WILL prove the haters wrong and achieve everything you have ever dreamed of!

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