Our Geocaching Adventure

Recently with all the great weather we have been having here in Wisconsin my boyfriend, his family and I decided we wanted to get outside more! So over one weekend we took a short drive down to Red Wing, MN to hike Barn Bluff and do a little bit of geocaching, it was great fun for everyone and even better exercise! I snapped a few photos of our journey throughout the afternoon, and they turned out pretty great. This was my first time up the bluff, it was more uphill hiking than I had expected but still enjoyable. Once we got to the top of the bluff, which took us about 40 minutes to do we took a little break and all got out our phones or GPS so we could start looking for the geocache that we knew was hidden somewhere on the top of the bluff. After some wandering around in circles and searching we found it hidden well inside a rock that had been carved out in the middle to hold a log of all the past and future geocachers who had found it! After our break and  finding our geocache, we stood at the top of the bluff and admired the view for awhile. I love the photo of the bridge that crosses the Mississippi River! I could have stood up there for days, just taking it all in. I never realized just how small I am until I was up there, it was breathtaking!

Geocaching was a great family experience to get us all exercising together, and a a great way to entertain the kids! If you loved treasure hunts as a kid, this is definitely something to try out as an adult!



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