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3 Great Twitter Chats for Book Marketing Professionals

There are hundreds of Twitter chats out there, for everything. As a book marketing professional I have found a ton, for general book marketing and writing ideas, Twitter chats for each genre, for  editing and many other things. I have sorted through so many of the chats and found the greatest ones for all the other up and coming book marketing professionals out there who just don’t have the time to go through each chat and find the best ones.

#BookMarketingChat ~ Wednesdays 6pm PST 

This chat is by far my very favorite Twitter chat for book marketing professionals. Each week Rachel Thompson and her assistant Melissa Flickinger either share all the amazing tips they have on book marketing (which is a lot) or they have a guest! In the month that I have been regularly attending BMC I have learned so much about author branding, keywords, book reviews, how authors can effectively host Facebook launch events, and much more. The chat goes on for about an hour each week and it is entirely open. Rachel has a set of questions she asks the guest and in addition to this you’re free to interact and ask questions of the guest and your fellow attendees. Not only am I learning a lot but I am gaining friends and comrades. There are a lot of people who I am working with now or would love the chance to in the future.

#LitChat ~ Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 

This chat is a slow one, it takes place all day but that means your chances of learning and networking are even higher since there is a pretty constant stream of new people joining and engaging in it! If you miss a day it’s no big deal since they share the last meeting’s transcripts on their blog. Make sure you pop in and meet some great new friends who love writing just like you!

#StoryFriday ~ Fridays 

This chat takes place on Fridays and is just for sharing excerpts from your stories! This is a fantastic chat if you ask me because not only do you have the chances to network with authors like yourself but you also have the possibility of interesting readers in your work! It may be slow, but be sure to check back often because just like #LitChat new people are always joining and engaging and you wouldn’t want to miss the chance at networking, who knows, you may be able to find guest blogging opportunities or your new best friend!


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