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How to Network Better on Social Media

Social media in this day and age is something that almost everyone has. Many people out there have now found out how much better your business can do if it has a social media presence that you can use to network with potential clients, contributors or even competing businesses. No matter how you look at it, networking is good for your business, and like everything in life there is always room for improvement. There are many ways that your business may be able to network better using social media, like making sure you have a Facebook page that has all of your information on it, and having several other major social media accounts. Depending on your target audience, your business should be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Each of these social media platforms works very differently from one another though,so knowing how to network on just one will not necessarily help you.

If your business does not have a Facebook page you should create one, but make sure it is a local business page. This will allow your page to receive ratings and reviews which is very important for the business! If your page is already created, you need to be sure that all the correct information is on the page, like your business hours, contact information, address, and a button linked to your website. Add a short description to your page too so people know what your business is all about, if people do not know what your business is and they land on your page on accident they will just leave immediately. If you can catch their eye and interest them, you may have just landed yourself another client! You should also make sure your page has a great profile and cover photo, this will deter people from thinking that your page is fake or a scam. After your Facebook page is all set up, make sure that you start sharing and posting things immediately, keep your page active all the time. By being active you can ensure that people will not like your page and then unfollow it immediately. If you do not want to post to your Facebook page often, you can also use Facebook ads for a small fee. They do increase the exposure that your business gets but are not guaranteed to bring in more clients.

Another great social media platform to network from is Twitter. It takes much more time and patience than Facebook does but it is also free which is a huge plus for many small business owners! One of the best ways to network on Twitter is to join Twitter chats that pertain to your business or product. They can introduce you to many people who may have tips to share with you, or potential collaborators and it can happen quickly! I myself have a few Twitter chats that I participate in weekly because I know I am guaranteed to learn priceless tips that will help me market better and reach potential clients easier and more effectively. Another great plus to Twitter chats is that you make friends very easily since you have something in common with every other person participating in the chat! 

My second favorite way to market on Twitter is to just interact and make conversation with other people. Genuine conversation is the best absolute best way that you will reach potential clients. If you cannot find any Twitter chats that relate to your business, just find contacts who own businesses similar to yours, or other Twitter users who you think would be interested in the services you offer. Read and retweet content that relates to your business, like their tweets, if they wrote a particularly great blog post that you like, let them know! People are more likely to be interested in your business if you have a friendly relationship with them!

The third social media platform that you pretty much have to be on these days to reach your target audience is Instagram. This is by far the hardest social media platform to network on since it is photo sharing based but there are secrets to help! Since it is primarily a photo sharing platform, take natural light photos of your work space, and share them! On Instagram it is important to use a few filters and switch between them, if you keep your photos similar each time potential clients will start to recognize your brand, easily! Another great trick to networking effectively on Instagram is to create your own unique hashtag and use it on each of your posts! When a potential client searches that hashtag they will find all the photos of your business! The last great tip to network better on Instagram is to network just like you do on Twitter. Interact and make conversation. Like photos posted by potential clients or collaborators, let them know how gorgeous their photos are. Share some of the great content they post, let your friends know how much you like the posts! 

Networking on any social media platform is hard, but there are secrets to each of them and once you figure it out, it can be a breeze! The key part of every social media platform is to be social, it will help you network with potential clients much better! 

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