The Importance of Car Shows

I don’t know if car shows are important everywhere, but here in the Midwest region of the United States, they’re almost as important as our beloved tractor pulls. Each year I attend probably 10 car shows with my family, each of them being an enjoyable, and learning experience.

Car shows are a learning experience for myself and the youth in my life alike. My boyfriend, along with his friends and family have taught me how to properly fix, clean and get cars ready for show. They taught me what I know about car shows, and now I teach the youth in my life about the proper way to clean a car, and car show etiquette. The most important rule of car shows is not to touch the cars! Many cars of pristine paint jobs that could cost thousands of dollars to fix if scratched.


One of the huge reasons I love car shows, and why they are so important to me, is the friendship and love car shows have brought me. My vacation each year is spending a week or more in a tiny town in Wisconsin called Iola that has the largest car show the Midwest has to offer, Iola Old Car Show! I pack a bag and a tent and spend a week with my friends enjoying all the gorgeous antique cars and the lack of cell phone service! We fix each other’s cars and spend time helping my aunt fix up the house and prepare for the 12 or so guests that will be coming to stay with her!

Car shows are important, especially to my family because of all the ways they help us teach the kids about cars and the automotive industry. I love teaching the kids about how each automotive manufacturer chose different body styles to compete with each other, and how each company has a few silly named color choices like Chrysler’s Plum Crazy Purple (which is gorgeous by the way)

Teaching our sisters about car shows

Some of my favorite Midwest car shows:

MSRA Back to the 50’s

Street Machine Nationals

Iola Old Car Show

The biggest reason car shows are important is to enjoy time with friends and family!

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