How to Attract New Readers on Twitter

Twitter can be a great place for people of all sorts to network, but it can be especially helpful for authors. Not only can authors connect with each other on Twitter but they can also network with their current readers and potential new readers. Authors can use specific hashtags to connect with readers, or even join Twitter chats to reach their readers! While hashtags and Twitter chats are great, just as it is everywhere else, the best way to attract new readers on Twitter is to make conversation and be genuine.

There are many different hashtags an author can use to attract the attention of new readers. The first thing you should do is add a hashtag that relates to your genre. If you write Sci-Fi books, then use #ScienceFiction or #SciFiChat. If your genre is romance use hashtags like #RWA (Romance Writers of America) or #Romance. If you are looking to connect with readers directly use hashtags like #FridayReads, #MustRead and #TeaserTues. If you’re doing a giveaway or your book is free or on sale for a certain amount of time use #BookGiveaway, #FreeDownload, #99c, or #FreebieFriday. These hashtags are sure to attract the attention of your current readers and new readers alike.

Hashtags help authors connect with each other and their readers but Twitter chats can be more effective at doing so, since they increase the chances of interaction with other Twitter users. There are many Twitter chats out there for authors and readers to connect, it is up to the author to decide which are a god fit for them. There are weekly or bi-weekly chats like #LitChat that takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4pm ET or #LibChat that takes place every Wednesday at 8pm. Both chats include authors and readers alike. There are also Twitter chats that take place monthly but not necessarily on a specific date like #ReadPenguin hosted by Penguin Books. Twitter chats and hashtags are helpful for authors to connect with readers, but in the end, nothing can help an author connect with readers better than genuine conversation.

One of the very best ways for anyone to network on Twitter is to make conversation. This tactic can be largely helpful for authors, engaging with their current readers may help them be seen by more potential readers. If an author wants conversation and engagement to be more effective with potential readers, they may want to look specifically for Twitter users who enjoy reading the genre of book they write, and reach out to them. Another great way engagement and conversation can help an author is to make a point to reply to and make conversation with current readers who have posted about their books. This is likely to turn your current readers into repeat readers, the more an author engages with their readers the stronger their author brand and platform will be.

There are many ways to network on Twitter, with other authors and with readers. Not only does Twitter make it easy for authors to network with current readers, but the social network can also help authors find new readers. Authors may be able to catch the attention of new readers by using hashtags that relate to their genre, or using hashtags that relate to readers specifically. Hashtags can be helpful, but in some cases joining in on Twitter chats can be more helpful for authors. The best way to attract new readers on Twitter is to engage with current and potential readers and be friendly.

Good Luck and Happy Tweeting!

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