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No Nonsense Social Media Tips

Mastering social media is something that can be difficult for many people, since there are many different aspects to each social media platform. Each platform has ways that users can succeed though. Engaging often, using hashtags and joining Twitter chats can help users succeed more on Twitter. By posting often, having a page full of details and sharing content, a user can succeed on Facebook. Having great looking graphics and sharing more of others’ content than your own can lead to success on Pinterest.

Engaging often on Twitter is something that can be pretty easily done. Logging on to Twitter for just 10 minutes a couple of times a day and liking, or retweeting other users content can help a business professional succeed so much! By engaging with others and sharing their content, a Twitter user is more likely to gain followers. A business professional can also succeed on Twitter by strategically using hashtags within their posts. By using popular hashtags within a post business professionals can greatly increase the amount of people who see their tweet. In addition to using popular hashtags it is also recommended to use at least one unique hashtag just to reach that additional audience. By far one of the best ways for a business professional to network and gain engagement on Twitter is to join in on Twitter chats. The chats can help a business professional network with others in their field and learn how they can better conduct their business. Many times, the atmosphere is very friendly and all participants are willing to share their secrets on how they succeed, to help others.

Having your page complete, with website, business hours, and address listed will help with gaining success on Facebook. Much like Twitter sharing others’ content can help business professionals succeed on Facebook. When one business shares another’s content, it makes them want to return the favor. Those people may then also ‘like’ the post on your page or even comment and thank you therefore increasing engagement on your page. Another great way to gain success and engagement on social media is to boost posts, it usually only costs a couple of dollars but it can help greatly! Joining groups and collaborating with others in similar industries can also help with success, using cross promotion and sharing each others pages can help increase a business professional’s audience. Having a strategy is helpful for success on any social media platform but can be especially helpful on Facebook. Find out what kind of content you want to represent your business or brand and share articles related to those keywords. Finding videos related to that content is especially great, since they tend to get more videos on Facebook than posts with just text or text with images. One of the most important parts of success for a business professional on Facebook is to be human, make sure you interact with your followers!

Success on Pinterest can be a bit more elusive for business professionals, but it is attainable. The best way to gain engagement and attraction on Pinterest is by using high quality graphics, they tend to get noticed first. Using portrait images with easy to read text can also help a business professional gain engagement and get noticed more on Pinterest. In addition to having great images, having a complete and detailed description of the pin helps. Branding can also help with success on Pinterest, take the time to make most or all of your images look similar! I use a blue trip across all of my images as shown below. I try to make all of my images look similar, to equally represent my brand when I share blog posts on social media. 

Joining group boards relative to a business’ niche can also help with Pinterest success. This allows you to share content with your audience along with many other people. There are group boards all over Pinterest, that have to do with a lot of topics! One of the best ways to find group boards is to join one of the several Facebook groups that are FULL of people looking to add other Pinterest users to their group boards. I suggest trying this one! One final key to Pinterest success is making sure each of your boards is full, boards that are open but empty make scare potential followers away, and leave them thinking you neglect Pinterest. (I am guilty of neglecting Pinterest, it is not recommended!)


Social media success can be difficult but it is attainable! By using some of these tips, hopefully other social media users can succeed not just in their personal life, but in their work life too! Remember to engage and be social!

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