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Do’s and Don’ts for Authors

Book marketing can be a confusing and difficult thing for many authors to figure out. There are many ways to positively market a book, unfortunately there are just as many negative tactics that get used often! There are many great ways to market a book, like using social media, and having a website and blog without being pushy or spamming authors with for sale posts and links.

Do: Interact with potential readers and other authors

Many times, it is forgotten that social media is just that, social. Often times in book marketing social media is used just to sell books, while there are potential readers out there who may like that they see ‘buy my book’ posts five times a day, for the most part potential readers would rather an author interact with them. Make sure to like and share things, if a particular person leaves you a great review, highlight it on social media. Find ways to show readers that you appreciate them buying and reading your book, like doing giveaways and giving them incentives. In addition to being social, it is just as important to be authentic. When posting on social media share things that you find interesting, or that you think your readers would find interesting. Automating social media can be a helpful thing, but it should be ensured that social media posts are not too automated. As an author or book marketing professional a person should find an even mix between scheduling their posts and still being ‘human’ on social media. 

Don’t: Spam readers or post just book links

Occasionally in book marketing, the tactic is used to either spam a book at potential readers or to just post a link to the book. While posting the link may give potential readers an image preview and short description of the book, it does not tell them what the book is about. If readers don’t know what the book is about it isn’t likely that they’ll want to read it. In addition to the fact that it gives readers little to no information about the book, it makes it seem like there isn’t much effort put into book marketing.

Using the spamming technique can be just as negative as simply sharing a link in book marketing, it is more likely to annoy readers than catch their attention. Generally speaking, social media is used to interact with others. If readers go on social media and just find for sale posts or ‘buy my book’ posts is isn’t likely that they’ll want to interact with the author or buy the book since it is marketed in such a negative way.

Do: Have a website and blog

Having both a website and blog is important for authors. This gives readers a landing page when they’re looking for information on authors and their books. A website all gives an author a place to share the links to all their social media accounts at once, this allows readers to find you all over and find out just what an author is all about! A website gives also gives an author a place to showcase who they are as a writer while a blog gives authors an opportunity to show readers who they are as a person. If you’re not sure what to blog about, think about your interests! Share blog posts on what you’re interested in or your past experiences. You can also share about your journey to writing your book,what made you want to write or what gave you inspiration for the book.  Your readers will start to connect with you after awhile, they’ll start to become familiar with who you are as an author and a person.

In addition to an author website allowing an author to showcase who they are in and outside of their writing life, it gives them a place to share their books. Have a page up on your website with your books on it, share the covers, descriptions and purchase links on each platform. Doing so will give readers easy access to your books in a place that is easy to find. 

Don’t: Be too pushy or post without proofreading

A certain level of pushy can be good in book marketing. The biggest thing to avoid when marketing a book is telling readers that they WILL love it. As an author, you hope they will but you have no way of guaranteeing that a reader will absolutely love your book, telling them so just comes off as negligent and rude. Instead of pushing it at them in a rude way, post a small excerpt of a review or short description of the book and say “Other readers are enjoying my latest book, you may too” this tactic allows them to decide on their own while still letting potential readers know that others enjoy the book.

Another big thing to avoid in book marketing is to post something without proofreading it first. There can sometimes be spelling or grammar errors you may not catch. Having errors in a book marketing post is likely to turn potential readers away, and fast. If an author doesn’t have time to proofread a social media post, how can they be expected to catch spelling and grammar errors within their book?

There are many great ways that authors can effectively market their book, there are equally as many bad marketing tactics to be avoided. Finding an even balance of these tactics is one of the most important parts of marketing. Being social and authentic on social media along with interacting with readers can be a huge help in book marketing. Having a website and blog to showcase who a person is as both a writer and person can also help in book marketing!

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