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One Year of Helping People

Normally this week’s blog post would be one full of social media tips for authors, or business professionals but this week I’m mixing it up! This Wednesday is the one year anniversary of me being a personal assistant for authors! Being an author assistant wasn’t necessarily a job I had dreamed of my whole life, but it has become my dream job! 

A year ago we decided it was time to sell out, it was time for all the cows, and equipment to go after ten years. It was a scary decision but we knew it was the right one. It was also that decision that led me to the amazing job I have today. Initially I responded to a Facebook post from a clothing company looking for a guest blogger. In doing so I ended up meeting another author assistant who offered me a subcontractor job. After working with her, I decided this January to go out on my own! 

Starting my own business was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I love the fact that it allows me to help as many authors as I can, succeed in achieving their dreams! It was a hard start, getting myself out there and establishing myself. This was a journey I wouldn’t give up for anything though, I found a handful of wonderful clients who have stuck by my side no matter what. Some days they’re the ones giving me a pep talk and keeping me on the right track! They’re everything I’ve ever needed! 

If you’re at the crossroads and don’t know where to go next, just keep going! You’ll find your place, and achieve your dreams, even if you don’t know what they are! 

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