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How to grow your Instagram account

Guest Post Nadine Rohner

How to grow your Instagram account

Last year my goal was to grow my Instagram account from 900 Followers to 10k and I did it! In less than six months. These are the strategies I used to grow my account.

Daily Posting

The Instagram Algorithm is, like Facebook, constantly changing. Something that hasn’t changed so far is activity. Instagram loves when you are active. This means if you are serious about growing your account you need to post on a daily basis. This sounds easy, but it is actually pretty tricky to come up with good content on a daily basis. I personally like to create my content in batches. Which means I go out for a day and shoot content for the next two weeks so that I know I have always a picture to post.

Posting Time

Sometimes, when we have a good picture we get excited and just want to share it right away. Don’t. Make sure that you only post when your audience is most active. If you have a business account you can check your stats on Instagram. If you don’t have one, use the tool Iconosqare. I actually love this tool, because it gives you amazing insights about your audience so I highly suggest using it and to only post your picture when your audience is most active.

Daily Interaction

Posting every day is not enough for Instagram to value your account as an active account. It is also important to engage with your audience on a daily basis. This means you need to comment and like pictures of your followers AND if you really want to grow, you also comment on pictures of accounts that don’t follow you yet. This is a way of make yourself visible. You have to look for accounts that might be your target audience (for example in certain hashtags) and then you comment on their pictures and like their pictures. This shows Instagram that you are active and it also makes your Instagram account visible to potential new followers.

This part can actually be a game changer for your account. Only when I started doing the daily interaction I grew my account and I am not talking about a few minutes per day. I was active a few hours every day. I set myself time-windows where I would do engagement every day. If you don’t have time for that maybe consider outsourcing task or hire someone who is responsible for your social media management.

Connect with your audience

When it comes to commenting and liking I often see the same mistakes: Not enough words, not meaningful. If you just comment on pictures “nice pic” how would the account owner know that you are not a bot and actually really like the pic? Why should they follow you and how will you connect with them? So make sure that your comments are at least 4 words (Instagram Algorithm) and really meaningful like: “what a beautiful sunset the pink colors are amazing.”

On the other hand when someone makes the effort and comments on your pictures make sure that you say thank you and maybe even ask a question back? This way you can start building real connections and create a community that actually sticks around!  

Use Instagram Stories

With the changes of the Algorithm, it gets harder every day to be shown on your followers feed. If you post stories you can make sure that you pop up on their feed again. You can use stories to remind them that you just posted a picture and would love their feedback in the comment section on your picture AND you can use stories to connect with your audience on a new level. Show them that behind your business there are actual people. Create behind the scenes videos or even a live video if you are at an event or use it to answer questions during a Q&A session. Be creative.

Nadine Rohner is a social media strategist, consultant and manager. She has worked in social media for over 6 years and is now coaching clients or handles their accounts. She has a bachelor’s degree in Communications worked in PR, Marketing and Journalism. She uses all her knowledge from her work experience and the academic background combined, to help other businesses to skyrocket their social media.

Check Nadine out through her website or social media channels:

If want to learn more about how I grew my Instagram account join my FREE Instagram mini course. In this 5 day video course I explain very detailed how you can grow your account and what steps you need to take.

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