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How Facebook Live Can Help You Grow Your Business by Mahlena-Rae Johnson


Hello fellow entrepreneurs!

My name is Mahlena, and I’m here to say,

I use Facebook Live in business way!

So you’re thinking of growing your business using Facebook Live. But how can Facebook Live help your business? What should you talk about on a live video? Where do you post these videos? And how can sharing live videos on Facebook affect your bottom line?

To learn the answers to these questions, let’s join my Facebook Live story, already in progress.

My First Facebook Live video

 Earlier this spring, when I recorded my first Facebook Live video, I had no idea what I was doing. The video was for a Facebook group run by a new biz friend who had put a call out for other women entrepreneurs to share with the group what they do. I was figuring out the direction of my latest business project at the time, I Have A Dream Board. So, I planned to do my Facebook Live video on creating a vision board can help women in business with time management and work/life balance.

I had a scheduled time to deliver my message. I thought that the host of the video would introduce me in an interview format, and then I’d share with the active viewers in the group how my Dream Board helped me actively manage my time.

That’s not exactly what happened.

For a half hour before my scheduled time, I practiced my spiel, made sure my camera was working, and reviewed the directions that I found on Google about how to broadcast on Facebook Live. Then, when it was time to go live in the host’s group, the host wasn’t there.

Uh oh.

I double-checked all of our correspondence once more to make sure I had the correct date, the correct time, and the correct group. Since I didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity, I started a post in the group myself and began my 10-minute talk.

I think only one person actually watched my first live broadcast, and a few other people watched the replay, including the group’s leader, whose Internet connection had gone down all day. But I was proud of myself for actually completing the video and sharing action steps for others to find time for themselves to get their lives together.

And I did another Facebook Live video for the group the following week.

My Facebook Live videos now

 Now, a few months after my first Facebook live video, I broadcast live from my Facebook business page at least twice a week. I also do Facebook Live videos in other biz friends’ groups about once a month. It is a much more chill process than when I first started.

Before, I thought that the success of a Facebook Live video came from people watching the video live. I now know that the video’s success comes from replays, shares, and the video’s very existence.

I have produced multiple, clearly labeled, Facebook Live videos on my Write Your First Book with Mahlena Facebook page. In these videos, I share stories about my experiences publishing my first three books, writing my fourth book, and coaching other Lady Bosses and Mom Bloggers on how to write your first book.

To build awareness of my business on Facebook, I have shared these videos on my personal Facebook feed and in posts on other Facebook groups. I have also shared those videos on my Twitter feed, my LinkedIn profile, and my Write Your First Book with Mahlena website, giving my audience an idea of what it’s like to work with me. Additionally, I have packaged a series of these videos into an online mini course available for purchase on Thinkific.

These Facebook Live videos act as a form of business promotion, not only on the day that I broadcast them but also for future viewers. They can also provide an additional stream of income for my business.

How You can Get Started with Facebook Live TODAY

 The easiest way for you to begin your Facebook Live adventure is to create a video right now. Keep it simple. You don’t even have to put the video on a business page or in a Facebook group. Start with your personal profile. Tell your Facebook friends what you’re doing and why. For instance, if you have a graphic design business, hit the Go Live button and tell your viewers what you love about graphic design, describe past projects you have created, and let them know how they can work with you.

Then make another video.

It gets easier as you keep going. Soon you’ll have a whole library of Facebook Live videos that you can repurpose to share on other platforms to show new audiences how they can work with you.

Fellow entrepreneurs, we’ve talked about a lot today, so let’s recap. Facebook Live videos are easy to produce. Even if you don’t have a huge live audience, you can still use those videos after the initial broadcast to promote your business on Facebook and on other platforms.

Are you planning to use Facebook Live? Have you already experience how Facebook Live can help you grow your business? Please share your process in the comments.

And, if you have more in-depth questions about creating Facebook Live videos or about writing your first book, please email me at WriteYourFirstBookWithMahlena@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading!


Mahlena-Rae Johnson helps creative women (like you!) who dream of being an author some day. That day is TODAY. Mahlena shows you how to make time to write, so you can make your dream come true. Through her signature writing coaching program, FROM IDEA TO PUBLISHED, Mahlena helps busy women, side hustlers, super bloggers & working moms start writing Your First Book right now.

Check out Malena’s website at: Write Your First Book with Mahlena or email her at: WriteYourFirstBookWithMahlena@gmail.com You can also visit her Facebook page


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