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Why #BookMarketingChat is the Best Twitter Chat for Authors

There are so many phenomenal Twitter chats out there, for many different subjects. Twitter chats aimed at authors are no different, there are chats for writing, and publishing. There are also chats on writing broken down by genre. By far the best Twitter chat for writers though, is Book Marketing Chat. There are quite a few reasons that Book Marketing Chat is the best though, starting with the friendly atmosphere, and the wonderful host Rachel Thompson! In addition to those great things, Book Marketing Chat is also amazing because of the knowledgeable guests who speak, and all the information shared between authors, and professionals within many different industries. An additional reason that Book Marketing Chat is by far the best Twitter chat for authors is because of the fact that it helps authors network with each other. The final reason Book Marketing Chat is the best Twitter chat for authors is the way it teaches authors how to market their books more efficiently.

The Friendly Atmosphere & Wonderful Host

The friendly atmosphere and wonderful host are some of my favorite parts about Book Marketing Chat!  Rachel is so knowledgeable and welcoming, along with all of the participants in Book Marketing Chat. At the beginning of the chat each week everyone says hi to both the familiar faces and welcomes the newcomers, with joy. In addition to being very friendly at the beginning of the chat, everyone is friendly and happy throughout the chat, making jokes with other participants and engaging with each other. Not only are the participants in the chat very friendly but so is the host, Rachel Thompson! Rachel does an amazing job at making everyone feel welcome, and answering any questions participants have.

Knowledgeable Guests & Valuable Information

Book Marketing Chat has hosted a ton of guests, from Barb Drozdowich who is an expert on many things, like blogging for authors and social media for authors. In addition to Barb, Book Marketing Chat has also hosted, Pronoun publishing, and content strategist Aaron Ortendorf, and social media expert Miri Rodriguez. Not only has Book Marketing Chat hosted many amazing guests, but it has also taught many authors valuable information on social media, author branding, blogging, and book marketing.

Networking Potential

Book Marketing Chat gives authors a huge opportunity to network with each other and within the publishing and marketing industries. Not only does this open up authors for potential collaboration, but it also allows them to find people to work with when it comes to finding constructive criticism about their work. The chat also allows authors to create one on one bonds with each other that helps them find ways to network better on and off  social media. In addition to the way that Book Marketing Chat opens authors up to networking with each other, it also opens them up to the opportunity to network within the publishing and marketing industries. Book Marketing Chat has hosted professionals within the publishing industry who offer advice to authors. The chat has also featured many experts when it comes to book marketing, including the amazing Rachel Thompson herself, author of The 30 Day Book Marketing Challenge, and marketing professional Jacob Warwick. Each expert has shared so much priceless info with the participants of Book Marketing Chat.

Priceless Book Marketing Advice

The greatest thing about Book Marketing Chat is the invaluable advice it gives to authors on many topics including book marketing. The chat has hosted many experts, and covered many topics including, blogging, author branding and book launches. Several of the chats have covered how blogging, and author branding can benefit authors.  In addition to the chats on those topics, Book Marketing Chat has offered up phenomenal advice on many different social media platforms, including Twitter chats on Instagram stories, Pinterest groups, and social media groups. Each of the summary notes from these chats is full of great information, just like many of the other chats. To see the notes on all of the notes, check out this link.


About Book Marketing Chat

Book Marketing Chat takes place Wednesday nights at 6pm PST/ 9pm EST. Follow Book Marketing Chat on Twitter to find out the weekly topic, or check out the notes section on the Facebook page to find the notes from past chats.

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