Writing With Courage with Christina Briggs

With so many ways of writing, avenues of publishing, scores of writing programs out there, and amazing writer’s… it’s a wonder anyone would venture out into the world of writing. I don’t know about you, but I’ve struggled for many years with anxiety and fear of taking the first step into even daring to dream of being a writer. Thoughts of never being good enough, creative enough, educated enough, or disciplined enough plagued my mind daily. Well today I’m here to tell all of you aspiring writers and authors one thing. Ready for it? Do not…I repeat. Do not give up on your dreams of becoming a writer.
Throughout the years I’ve listened to people say the following sentences. Maybe you’ve heard one or two of them in your own lives. The first one I heard was by a family member in when I was 21 years old. “Unless you’re Stephen King, I’d just keep it as a hobby.” Now I know what you’re thinking. I guess that’s me as well, so I should just stop dreaming now, and move onto something else of interest. No! I’m telling you to not listen to the negative thoughts. Maybe you’ve heard this one. “You’re only a writer if you’ve been published somewhere.” This one makes me laugh, because it’s so ridiculously untrue. And here is my answer to that. Whether its a poem, book, or a simple blog post… you’re a writer. The last one I’ve heard throughout the years is “You’re have to have a bachelor’s degree in writing in order to become a writer.” I believed this lie for so long. I’m here to tell you I’ve been published, became a travel blogger, and now working on my first novel, and I’ve never had a bachelors or a masters degree in writing. This brings me to my favorite part, which is to encourage other beginning writers out there to persevere in your endeavors of becoming a writer.
If you have an aching in your heart to write your life story, then you’re a writer. If you’ve always wanted to create and publish your own magazine…then you’re a writer. If you envision having a first novel published or maybe even a screenplay…then you’re a writer. I think you get my drift. Instead of thinking about it; putting it on the back burner in the (maybe one day category) shake the doubt off, grab the pen and paper, and start writing. You won’t regret it. I’ll say it’s important to take writing classes to help you improve in your writing skills. I was fortunate to find an amazing program called “Breaking into Print” from Longridge Writers Group in Connecticut. It took me three years to complete due to raising my two boys at the time, but every correction, every hour, every dime was worth the education. I’ve learned a lot in terms of finding your voice, character building in novels, publications, how to write query letters, and so much more. I highly recommend finding the right writing program for you.
Whether it’s one sentence, one paragraph, or three pages..just the fact that you’ve written something means you’re going in the right direction. Each day keep plugging at it. Before you know it…you’ll notice a sense of accomplishment with simply taking the first step out of fear of the unknown. Even if it’s one page of poetry..it’s better than a blank page. Maybe starting a blog has peaked your interest. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Believe me. I had no idea where to even begin, but through a little research and a wonderful online group I was lucky to find, I was able to start my very own travel blog.  I will close in saying this. Whatever avenue you choose, and wherever you are in your writing..don’t let the naysayers bring you down. Keep pressing forward.
Christina Briggs is an author who’s been published in The Parenting New Hampshire, The Newport News of Rhode Island and an avid travel blogger. https://chroniclesofanimpulsivetraveler.com/  Socializing, family time, wine, fun and traveling is my cup of tea.

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