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13 Great Blog Post Ideas for Authors

Blogging can be a difficult thing to do without a steady stream of topics to write about. Even someone whose passion is writing can still struggle to come up with ideas for blog posts. There are many great ways authors can use their passion, inspiration, and even their writing to create blog posts though.

Book Reviews: Make a blog post featuring some of your favorite reviews your books have gotten, or find a way to feature some of the not so great reviews your books have gotten, do something like the lovey Aimee Brown did, featuring a handful of bad reviews she got and her opinions on them in Facebook Live videos.

Another great option to use book reviews as blog post material is to write blog posts featuring reviews on some of the books you’ve read lately, or read in the past that you have strong feelings about.

Your Writing: Give readers a sneak peek at what you’re currently working on with a little excerpt of the book!

A second great way to use your writing as blog content, is to share the inspiration behind one of your books, or your inspiration as to why you write.

An additional way to use your writing as a blog post idea would be to share your writing process, how you come up with ideas for books, or even how you stay organized during the writing process. Another awesome way to use this blog post idea would be to share with your readers where your characters come from, whether they’re based off real life people or completely made up. You could even write a post using that same idea, but share insight into where the setting for your books comes from.

An extra way you can use your writing for a blog post idea is to share your plans on future books, or series that you’d like to write.

Personal Blog Post Ideas: Write a blog post sharing what a day in your life is like, take pictures as you go about your day, share them within the blog post.

A blog post about your favorite writers, or books both is a great way to connect to your readers and give them an idea of who you are. An awesome spin on this idea would be to share a list of your favorite books as a child.

What was the very first thing you wrote? Or the first time you remember writing a story? Share a blog post elaborating on these things, reflect on what they were about or what you were feeling as you wrote them.

Another great way to use your opinions to create a blog post is to share a post full of your favorite quotes about reading or writing.

More Blog Post Ideas: Featuring another author on your blog is a great way to make sure you have a blog post during a dry spell when you haven’t written any lately. This is also a great way to help a fellow author out and do some networking within the industry.

Share your advice for aspiring authors, or something that you wish you’d been told when you started writing, or your favorite piece of writing advice that you’ve ever received.

How do you keep creative? Share a post on how you keep yourself creative.

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