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Three Reasons Twitter is the Best Place for Authors to Be

With so many great social media platforms out there, it can be difficult to know which platforms can be beneficial to authors and which platforms authors can do without using. Twitter is one social media platform that can be phenomenal for authors, for several reasons. One of many great reasons that authors should think about having a presence on Twitter is for Twitter chats. Not only are they a great resource that allows authors to network, they can also be very educational for attendees. An additional reason for authors to use Twitter is the advanced search tool, which allows Twitter users to filter through the huge amount of data on Twitter. An extra bonus that helps make Twitter beneficial for an author is the audience. Twitter is full of both many other authors who can potentially help and teach, and readers.

Twitter chats

Twitter chats are not only a great way for authors to network, and reach each other but they’re an even better way for authors to learn. Depending on the chat an author is attending, they stand to learn about writing, publishing or even book marketing. Chats like #BookMarketingChat that takes place on Wednesdays 6pm PST/9pm EST helps authors learn about new things happening within the publishing industry and book marketing. Book Marketing Chat also covers blogging for authors and touches on social media. There are other Twitter chats that cover social media, like #TwitterSmarter. This chat happens Thursdays at 1pm EST. The Twitter Smarter chat is a very active chat that covers specifically how use Twitter effectively and in a way to help benefit the user most. Overall, whether the subject of the Twitter chat is writing, book marketing or even social media, Twitter chats can be a great resource for authors. Twitter chats aren’t the only resource for authors on Twitter, the advanced search tool can also be very helpful.

Advanced Search

The amazing advanced search tool on Twitter can be incredibly helpful for authors. The advanced search on Twitter allows a user over a dozen fields to use to filter tweets including things like the language, tone, and specific words a tweet does or does not contain. The advanced search also allows users to search by location, you can choose a place and find tweets posted near there. In addition to searching by locations or narrowing down your search by using certain words, the advanced search option lets you narrow things down to dates. A person can search for tweets containing specific words or hashtags, between two dates they have set as parameters. Possibly the greatest way that Twitter’s advanced search tool can be helpful to authors is how it lets you filter tweets that contain certain hashtags. This could allow an author to use specific hashtags to find both other authors in their genre, and readers within their genre. Doing so, would allow an author to potentially grow their support system and their readership at the same time.

The Audience

Twitter has a great audience for authors, because it’s full of both other authors and readers. Authors stand to do well on Twitter since there are so many other authors there.  Having additional authors on Twitter opens the unique possibility of cross-promotion, including newsletter swaps, multi-author giveaways, and interviews. Doing one, or all these things are great ways for authors to widen their reader base, and grow a support system of other authors who can help each other out when needed.  In addition to all the authors on Twitter, there are also many readers. By strategically using hashtags and making creative visuals, an author can greatly increase their chances of finding new readers, by using Twitter.

Twitter can be great for authors for many reasons, besides these, leave some reasons why you think Twitter is the place for authors to be in the comments!

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