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Reasons I Love My Kindle Paperwhite

I got the most amazing gift for Christmas this year, from my fiance: A Kindle Paperwhite. Previously I would just read books through the Kindle app on my phone, it wasn’t the easiest to do since the screen is small but it was convenient since I almost always have my phone with me. I really didn’t know how much I would love my Kindle, or how fast I would fall in love with it. The less than twelve hours after I had opened it, I had already downloaded five books and read one in its entirety. Since then, I can’t stop reading, which is one of many reasons that I love my Kindle Paperwhite.

  1. The size. I love my Kindle Paperwhite because it’s small, so it’s easy for me to take it with me wherever I go.
  2. It’s user-friendly. It’s so easy to use once you adjust your settings and get accustomed to it.
  3. The ease. It only takes me a few minutes to find a handful of books I can’t wait to read, I love filling my library and reading one book after the next until I’m ready to refill again!
  4. The similarity to a paperback book. The display on my Kindle Paperwhite is so amazing, it looks quite like the page of a paperback book. As a person who loves the feel of psychical books, that is one huge thing I love about my Kindle.
  5. Reading in bed. Reading in bed is something I do very often, and my Kindle makes it easy to do.
  6. Battery life. The battery on my Kindle will last for weeks even if I’m reading non-stop, it’s amazing.
  7. Easy access to the Kindle store! Since my Kindle is hooked to my Amazon account it only takes moments to find a pile of wonderful new books that I cannot wait to read!

If you’re on the fence about whether you should get an e-reader or not, I can’t recommend it enough! I love my Kindle Paperwhite and how easy it makes it for me to enjoy books at all hours of the day or night. I can’t recommend it enough!

2 thoughts on “Reasons I Love My Kindle Paperwhite”

  1. I love my paperwhite, too! I take it when I travel and it’s always by my bed for reading when all the lights are out (my favorite!).


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