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Why Every Author Should Also Be An Affiliate Marketer

This is a guest post by Jesse Lakes, who is the CEO of Geniuslink – a technology that helps authors earn more with every link they create.


Affiliate marketing is a rapidly growing tactic that more and more creators and authors are using to reach their ideal audience and increase revenue. And with universal links available to provide solutions to existing errors in these programs, it has never been a better time to become a member. However, without prior knowledge of affiliate marketing and universal links, it can be difficult to grasp the value that they can provide.

Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement where an online retailer pays a commission (typically 4-8% of a sale) to a person or website that generates sales from its referrals. The company does this because it wants more traffic to its website. So basically, you get a commission when your affiliate link leads to a sale. And on some sites, like Amazon, you’ll also make a commission on anything else that they purchase within 24 hours of clicking the link. These affiliates programs are free to join and easy to become a part of and often even include tools to help you with your marketing such as the Amazon Associates program which shows you if people are purchasing your books after clicking on specific links, showing you if your marketing efforts are working. In most cases, if you search the name of the company followed by “affiliate” then the top link will take you to the program’s site. (Check out our guide  that goes in depth on how to join Amazon’s affiliate program).

These programs sound great but unfortunately, have issues that obstruct their users from making their deserved commissions and maximizing income. The most prevalent of these issues is geo-fragmentation, which can sound daunting, at first. But it’s more simple than you’d think. Many authors are unaware that Amazon has 14 different storefronts around the world, and they’re mostly separate entities. As a shopper, it’s not intuitive to shop in another country’s marketplace. We call this geo-fragmentation. So, let’s say I’m a published author and a member of Amazon’s affiliate marketing program in Great Britain and I’m posting affiliate links to my book on Amazon just about everywhere I can to maximize my clicks, commissions, and sales. I feel like I’m doing great. But, when someone from the United States clicks my affiliate link, geo-fragmentation occurs. Because my link is to the British Amazon site rather than the American one, that click will take the clicker in the United States to the British Amazon site, meaning if they place an order using that link, they’d have to pay in Great British Pounds and would encounter higher shipping costs. And additionally, this version of the site is unfamiliar meaning in all likelihood they’ll close it and open the Amazon store from a Google search resulting in the loss of my affiliate commission.

Geniuslink was created to solve this problem. We create “universal” links. These links are valuable because they change their destination based upon the user that clicks on them, ensuring clicks can direct to the proper site for their language, device, operating system, country, and even date of click. By copying and pasting your link into our link creator tool, we’ll provide a short link that directs to the proper version of the linked website for a user’s country and you make your commission. Our service then allows you to customize the link in a variety of ways to further optimize it. Through our Advanced Targets feature you can even add custom destinations for clicker from countries that don’t have Amazon as their primary online book retailer so that a single link takes all clickers to their country’s preferred site in the countries native language, further solving geo-fragmentation and increasing sales. And with a wide assortment of tools such as Choice Pages, remarketing pixels, and in depth reports, Genius Link gives you the resources you need to market your book and gain extra commission along the way.

Here’s our guide on how to become an Amazon Affiliate:

Do you have an interest in universal links but don’t need all the bells and whistles? Check out Booklinker, a free service that we provide to ensure your clickers are always going to the proper destination.

To find out more about geo-fragmentation check out this post on our blog:


Jesse Lakes is the CEO of Geniuslink, an intelligent link management platform that helps creators earn more affiliate commissions with every click. Find him on Twitter!


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