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Valuable Things An Entrepreneur Should Have To Succeed

Succeeding as an entrepreneur can be a difficult thing to do. Here are some of the things that have helped me flourish as an entrepreneur in my first two years in business: focus, perseverance, a great support system, a community and resources. Even separately all of these things can help an entrepreneur succeed, but together they become an unstoppable force.




Focus seems like a no brainer when it comes to things that help an entrepreneur flourish but this is something that is much harder to do than it sounds like. Finding your focus and keeping it is nearly an impossible task, but with some effort it is attainable. I should rephrase that-it takes a ton of effort. I get distracted by so many things throughout the day. One of the amazing things that has helped me with focus is using Toggl, being able to track how long I’m working on things (or how long I’m not working on them) has helped me focus more on the task at hand.

Another great tool that has assisted me in finding and keeping focus has been my daily planner. Every night, I sit down and start my to-do list for the next day. As I mark things off, I keep checking in with clients and adding more tasks in as they need to happen. Knowing exactly what has to happen helps me stop from getting lost or distracted.




Perseverance is something I didn’t think I would need so much of when I started my business. I had the necessary skills I would need to achieve but it is safe to say I had no clue how difficult it would be to find those first few clients. Now, months and almost years later I am still incredibly thankful for people like Amy Rivers and Debra Holt who took a shot on me even when they knew nothing. I was able to succeed and flourish because of their support, patience, and kindness. We’ll get to why a support system is important to have in a little bit though. Back to perseverance-as an entrepreneur I quickly learned that it was going to take time, patience and dedication to make my business work. It is so incredibly important to remember during the touch parts to keep pushing on, if you believe in your dream you will find a way to make it work. Perseverance is key to flourishing.


A Support System


When I started my business I didn’t know how important my now fiance supporting me would be. I knew from the beginning that we couldn’t survive as a one income household, so I set out to start my virtual assistant business. In the beginning I was only bringing in $300 a month, that is far less than I would have made getting a job at the gas station up the street, but he knew how bad I wanted to be my own boss so he stood by and cheered me on even when things were tight. I can’t express enough how grateful I am,to him for allowing me to continue to work towards my dreams even when that meant most of our financial stress fell on him.

Having his support and knowing that he believed in me even when I didn’t helped me greatly when it came to the hard parts.


Why Having a Community is Important


Having a community might be even more important than having a support system when you’re an entrepreneur operating on your own. As an entrepreneur you quickly learn that running a business and keeping it on track can be exhausting, but more than that, it can be lonely. Though I knew I didn’t love the idea of having a job where I needed to interact face to face with people every day, I didn’t know how much I would miss the human interaction I wasn’t getting. A few short months after I started my business I began to get very lonely, I missed seeing people even though I’m very much an introvert. It was about this time that I discovered Becky Mollenkamp and her Own It Crush It (OICI) community.  OICI changed the entire course of who I was as an entrepreneur, how I ran my business and my mindset.


Have Resources


Whether your resources are the amazing friends you’ve made in business groups or tools that you love they’re important to have. I have some amazing resources for my business, when I need amazing general advice about all the wonderful things, I head to Becky Mollenkamp’s blog (I also love to take in Becky’s The Lightbulb Moment Podcast), if I’m needing help with a question a client has, I check out BadRedhead Media’s site and see if there are any articles on the subject we have a question on.

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