5 Reasons Why a Kindle is Great for Reading

Reading is an amazing thing, that has changed the lives of so many people. This quote from George R.R. Martin is a great example of that.  Much like reading has changed lives, the Kindle has changed how people read. I know this because the Kindle Paperwhite changed how I read. It has an amazingly small size and a fictional backlight. Kindle didn’t spare anything when they created the insanely functional and realistic display, which is by far my favorite part of my Kindle. The Kindle is also very easy to use and allows a reader to have a variety of books with simplicity.

  • It’s Small Size

The small size of my Kindle Paperwhite has revolutionized how and when I read. These days, I don’t go anywhere without it. My Kindle has allowed me to read any time I want since it fits so easily in my purse. I haven’t gone on a road trip without it, I love to read as we’re driving. I also love being able to read whenever I have a free moment while we’re out, my Kindle’s small size allows me to do so. An additional bonus to the small size of the Kindle has to do with packing-no more dragging paper books on vacation with me or struggling to read on my small phone screen. My Kindle fits in my suitcase without taking up much space at all.

  • The Backlight and Display

Once upon on a time I would not have been able to read in bed this easily. I mean I could have used a book light that constantly needed the batteries changed or struggled to read off my small phone screen, but my Kindle makes things so much simpler. Since it has an amazing backlight I’m able to read in bed without bothering my fiancé with bright lights. In addition to the way my Kindle Paperwhite allows me to read in bed without bright lights, the backlight has several brightness settings, allowing me to read on the patio table on bright sunny summer days as well.


The Kindle Paperwhite has a unique display, that really is my favorite feature. Somehow, Amazon managed to make the display feel like real paper. This is a feature I had no idea I’d love as much as I do. I was quite skeptical about it at first, but I came to love it quickly. Though there isn’t anything like the feeling of a paper book in your hands, there also isn’t anything like having thousands of books at your fingertips without being at the library. My Kindle has managed to give me the best of both worlds so easily.

The fact that the display is glare free is a bonus. This helps allow me to read in any conditions. In addition to the glare free display and touch screen that feels like real paper, the Kindle Paperwhite has many settings for font size, line spacing and other reading preferences.

  • Ease of use

Though I’m not sure why, I didn’t expect the Kindle to be so easy to use but everything is very straightforward and can easily be figured out. The Kindle Paperwhite has Goodreads built in so I can easily check out what books I’m currently reading and update my reading progress, post book reviews and interact with friends on Goodreads all from my Kindle. When I open Goodreads it immediately shows me updates from my friends. From there I can easily navigate to see my own bookshelves, recommendations from Goodreads and my friends.  The Kindle also makes it very easy to download books, but that’s something we’ll cover in a minute.

  • Variety

Kindle is linked to your Amazon account, so you can download really any book from your Kindle. You no longer need to go to Amazon though a web browser to download a book and then sync the kindle app on your phone. That method was time consuming and complex, these days you can download so many books with just a few touches without leaving your Kindle.

Shopping and searching for new books on the Kindle is an amazing thing within itself. There are a multitude of categories easily accessible, this makes it possible to find the genre you read most often very quickly. Since it takes such little time to order so many new books to read, this maximizes the amount of time I get to spend cuddled up on cool Wisconsin fall days with good books!

  • Battery Life

The Kindle Paperwhite boasts an impressive four weeks of battery life. I can personally contest that this is completely accurate. I sometimes read two books a week but only need to charge my Kindle about once a month.  Not only does the Kindle Paperwhite not need to be charged often, it also charges rather quickly. The Paperwhite charges to full battery in an hour or two. It is also nice that the Kindle only uses a standard micro USB cable, so I can use really any Android phone cord to charge it.

There are many things you can do to prolong the battery life of your Kindle, like turning the Wi-Fi off when you are not using it. Another great way to prolong the battery life of your Kindle is to adjust the brightness settings for the conditions you are in. Having the brightness all the way up only when you need it can help conserve battery.


The Kindle Paperwhite is full of amazing features, probably some I have not discovered yet! The small size, backlight, display and ease of use are some of my favorites though! The Kindle Paperwhite allows me to view a variety of books without being in a library and the extended battery life allows me to read for hours. If you are debating on whether to buy an e-reader or which one to buy, the Kindle Paperwhite comes strongly recommended from me!

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