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5 Terrific Book Marketing Ideas to Use this Holiday Season

Book marketing during the holidays can be a stressful and exhausting thing, but it doesn’t have to be. The holiday season is a great reason to get a little creative with book marketing and give back to your readers. There are many great ideas that allow you, as an author to get creative and still stay professional. Even sprinkling a little red and green throughout your social media, or using stock photos to make Christmas themed graphics can spice things up, but don’t be afraid to really reach out to your readers and get creative in the spirit of the season. You can reward your readers by sending them a holiday themed email, or do special pricing on your books as a gift to them. Another great gift to readers would be to send out Christmas cards with your logo on them, or host a holiday themed contest. A great way to do some marketing after the holidays is over, is to do special pricing in between Christmas and New Years, giving readers a chance to use all those gift cards they got for Christmas!

Send a holiday themed email

Sending out a holiday themed email right before Christmas, is a great idea, not just for marketing, but to reward your readers too. Reach out to your readers and remind them what great gifts books can be, for the other readers on their shopping lists, or for themselves. Sending out a holiday themed email is also a great way to help out fellow authors and readers alike during the holiday season. Do a little cross promotion with

Do special pricing on your books

Give back to your readers during the holiday season by doing a free weekend, or just lowering the pricing on your books for a few days. Doing special pricing for your books is not only an excellent gift for your readers, but it is also a phenomenal chance for your readers to give gifts to their friends and family.

Send out branded, festive Christmas cards or postcards

Slap your logo on some awesome Christmas cards from Vistaprint and send them to all your lovely readers. Christmas  cards can be a great way to reward your readers, it can also be a great way show them that you appreciate them! As an author, you can use the cards to thank them for their support throughout the year and give them a peak at what is coming in the next year. The card doesn’t have to be anything huge, just a little something to remind your readers just how they mean to you.

Host a holiday themed contest

Host a holiday themed contest, and giveaway some books! The holiday season is the perfect time to run contests, like a recipe contest! Ask readers for their favorite holiday themed recipe, or narrow it down farther and run a contest asking your readers for their favorite Christmas cookie recipe! Pick a cool prize for your giveaway, like some swag from one of your books, or find a Christmas ornament that relates to your book and give that away to your holiday contest winner!

Do some promotion after Christmas is over

Use the days after Christmas and gift buying is over let potential readers know that books can be a great purchase with all those awesome gift cards they got! Do some special pricing in between Christmas and New Years to give readers a chance to pick up your books as a late gift to themselves!

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