#BookMarketingChat Roundup (And Holiday Book Marketing Advice Authors Need to See)
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#BookMarketingChat Roundup (And Holiday Book Marketing Advice Authors Need to See)

Book marketing is something that stresses authors out all year round, but it can get especially difficult during the holidays. During a recent Book Marketing Chat (find the summary here) several authors had a wonderful discussion on some of the holiday marketing ideas that they have had success with or enjoyed as readers.


There were some awesome ideas brought up during Book Marketing Chat, like the way that author Justin Bienvenue wrote holiday horror poems to tie into his other horror poetry books. Writing a standalone holiday book or adding a holiday book into a series can be a great way to market several of your books at once during the holiday season. In addition to writing a standalone or tying a series together with a holiday book, some authors publish holiday anthologies as a collaboration other authors within their genre. Doing something like this can be great way to help other authors and find a way to effectively market during the holiday season.


Another great holiday marketing idea brought up during chat was reducing the price of a book and sharing it.  In addition to doing a price reduction, many authors enjoy doing holiday themed giveaways not only as an effective way to market a book, but to give back to their readers.

If reducing the price of your book isn’t something you want to do, Rachel Thompson of BadRedheadMedia suggests doing something like a mini story and sending out to your newsletter subscribers, or street team members. Not only will this help with book marketing, but it is also a great way to increase your newsletter sign ups during the holiday season.


A great way authors can get festive with their book marketing is to stage their books and take photos. An author could post their book next to the tree or stick a bow on the cover. Additionally, authors could wrap up a portion of their book or get a little creative and arrange their books on decorated tables or next to holiday centerpieces. Author Barbara Delinsky has some gorgeous examples of holiday themed promotions with a few of her books.


Author Penny Layne recommended that authors connect with book bloggers to spread the word about their books. I think this is a fantastic idea! If you don’t know any book bloggers, reach out to other authors in your genre or within your publishing company, they might want to spread the love and network. Share other author’s books that are like yours, ask if they’d return the favor, or better yet do it just to be kind.


Another important task during the holiday season is updating your social media accounts. Update your social headers and add cute little bows or holiday themed stock photos to add a little festivity. Once you have updated your banners, or if you choose not to, do something simple like a Q&A to engage with your readers. Much like cross-promoting you could also involve other authors and do a holiday event of sorts. Have each author host a 15-30-minute window and interact with participants. Each author can spread the word about their books and let readers know who they are.

While an author can put the time and work in to host their own holiday event, there are many companies and places that host holiday events for authors or blog hops. Places like Love Kissed Book Bargains regularly do monthly blog tours and newsletter lists along with holiday ones.


Once the holiday season is over, that doesn’t mean an author’s book marketing should end. An excellent way to market a book during the new year is to find a way to tie it into people’s New Years resolutions. An excellent way an author can market their book in the new year is to find a way that their book fills a need for their readers. Tom Reid  of Sustained Leadership WBS, who wrote a training manual on leadership had an amazing idea during chat. He suggested that his book could help anyone who’s resolution is to be a better leader. This is a great example of an author finding a way to let his readers know that his book could fill a need that they have.

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