What You Need to Know About Hiring an Author Assistant


As an author it can be difficult to manage all the tasks that need to happen. Not only does an author have to maintain their website, blog, and social media they need to market their current books all while finding time to write future books. It is almost a guarantee that at least one item will get neglected because there simply isn’t enough time to get it all done. Hiring a virtual assistant can help you up your game and accomplish more this year. One of the most important things you need to know about hiring a virtual assistant, as an author is that they can help you in an extensive amount of ways.

What Does an Assistant Do?

A virtual assistant can take care of many tasks for an author and allow them to up their game. Some of these tasks include social media, website and blog management along with newsletter management. As an assistant I take care of these tasks for my clients along with doing data entry like collecting the articles a client has written for them, or reorganizing their newsletter bounce backs so they can be properly added into their newsletter management program.

In addition to taking care of the large tasks and assistant can be someone an author can bounce ideas off when it comes to things like marketing campaigns or giveaways. Having an assistant can also be beneficial when it comes time to put those ideas into action. An assistant can also be there to offer words of advice or encouragement when an author needs them.

A virtual assistant can help an author in both marketing and building relationships. Having a virtual assistant can help authors keep their marketing tactics flourishing and up to date. The book marketing game is constantly changing, so having someone on your team who knows what it currently working and what isn’t can be beneficial. An assistant can help an author build relationships with readers by giving them recommendations on where they can best reach their readers. Posts like this one offer advice on how authors can use Facebook groups to build relationships.

How Can an Assistant Help Me?

A virtual assistant can help you check off every item on your to do list, and help you accomplish things you didn’t even know you needed help with. Common tasks an assistant helps authors with are things like blog, website and newsletter management. Many authors don’t think about how an assistant can help them ensure that their website gets updated regularly, or that they send out newsletters to let readers know about special pricing on their books or the launch of a new book.

An assistant can help you manage your social media and street team and allow you time to interact and engage with your readers. Building relationships with readers is such an important aspect of marketing and something that authors don’t often have time to do but having an assistant can allow an author time to build those relationships.

What If I Can’t Afford an Assistant?

This is something I hear often. When I ask authors what one thing they feel stops them from hiring an assistant the answer I hear most is money. I don’t think many authors know just how affordable an assistant can be, or that they “pay themselves off”. In an ideal world, an assistant can help an author market their books so effectively that an author has the funds to pay their assistant and still make a profit.

An author also needs to think about the fact that their time is worth money. If you have time as an author to continue your passion of writing books while still having the peace of mind to know that their published books are being marketed, that’s a win. Time is worth just as much money as anything else, and if you’re able to find the time to get done everything that you need to and that you want to, hiring an assistant is worth it.

How Can I Find an Assistant?

There are many great ways to find a virtual assistant to help you get more accomplished. One of the best ways is through word of mouth. There are many authors out there who have an assistant they absolutely love and would love to recommend them to you. If you have asked around and don’t know anyone who has an assistant, head to social media. Do a search on Facebook or Twitter to see if there are any virtual assistants who work with authors. As a virtual assistant I am always networking on social media and making sure that potential clients can easily find me. Chances are you will be able to find someone who can fill your needs. In the unlikely chance that you don’t find a virtual assistant who can help you through word of mouth or social media, do a Google search and see if that comes up with anything.

If you feel overwhelmed, or like you’re struggling to get it all done, hiring an assistant might be the next step as an author. Having a virtual assistant to ensure you accomplish what you need to, and what you want to can help decrease the stress you feel, daily. They can help with the big things like social media management and the small stuff like recommending marketing or giveaway ideas. An assistant can help in many ways, and you may feel like you can not afford one, but in most cases having an assistant will pay itself off since you’re able to consistently market your books, making sure they are easier for readers to find. Talk to authors in your network or check out Facebook to find an assistant, or better yet shoot me an email at ruralvirtualassistant@gmail.com or reach out to me through my website.

What You Need to Know About Hiring an Author AssistantEmilie Rabitoy is a retired dairy farmer who has found a way to use her work ethic to help authors achieve their dreams. She has been working full time as an author assistant since 2017 and loves her job, her favorite parts include social media scheduling and creating graphics. Find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and her website

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