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The Book Marketing Advice New Authors Need To See

Book marketing is an expanse world that is ever-changing and full of opinions. When you’re starting out as a newly published author, marketing can feel daunting and intimidating. There are a few things that can simplify or streamline marketing and ease your mind in the process. One of the best things you can do in book marketing is to build relationships with your readers and ensure that you’re active on social media. Doing both things will make the burden of book marketing much easier. Another great thing you can do to make book marketing a bit easier is to have great looking graphics to promote your book. Many people will tell you that you need social media, they’re right. The important thing to remember is that it’s better to be a few places often, then to try to be everywhere and never post. The final crucial piece to book marketing as a new author is book reviews. Though some require more work than others, there are many great ways an author can get book reviews.

Building Relationships with Readers

When it comes to marketing your book, the best thing you can do is to not market at all. That’s right, I told you not to market your book. If you instead, choose to engage and get to know potential readers, your book will likely sell itself. Post questions and conversation starters for potential readers, instead of constantly sharing the sales link for your book. Whether it is before or after your book has been published, take note of which readers really enjoy your work. If they share your work with others, leave great reviews, reach out to you or participate in events the chances are they’ll continue to support you no matter what you write. These are the kinds of relationships an author should aspire to forge with their readers.

My relationship with author Aimee Brown is a great example of why building relationships with readers is beneficial for authors. I’ve been a fan of Aimee’s work since she released her first book, The Little Grey Dress (now re-released as The Lucky Dress) in 2017. Not only did I participate in Aimee’s initial launch party, but I engage with her on social media often, and hosted her cover reveal on my blog when The Lucky Dress was published last year. I have also agreed to read and review an ARC copy of her upcoming book The Last Dance, pre-order your copy here! I love engaging with Aimee and seeing what funny thing she’ll post on Twitter, or what sweet story she’ll publish next!

Building lasting relationships with readers helps an author build confidence that these readers will share their work with friends and family, buy future books and engage with an author. Creating reader relationships is one of the most important things a new author can do in book marketing, even before their book is released. To find other awesome ways you can use to forge relationships with your readers, take a look at this post!

Social Media Graphics

Having great looking graphics is something that helps with book marketing significantly. It can allow you to showcase certain quotes you really enjoy in your book or reviews that you’re especially fond of. Services like Canva and Visme allow an author to create stunning visuals to use in book marketing.

When it comes to platforms like Pinterest, it is incredibly important to have a gorgeous graphic that will jump out at potential new readers and catch their attention. I strongly recommend using stock photos in your graphics to make them look good. I love using sites like Pexels and Unsplash when I’m searching for stock photos for my clients, they each have great libraries with wide options. If I’m looking for stock photos to use on my Instagram feed, I check out what I’ve got for awesome freebies from Styled Stock Society or Pixistock.

Another great tip I like to give authors is to keep on brand and use one style, I recently created a set of graphics for Cynthia Yoder, and she opted to a collection find sunny, beach photos for her quotes. If you don’t have a specific set of photos or scenery in mind, take a look at what quotes you’re using from your book, and see if you can find stock photos that relate to them, or would look good with them.

Using Social Media in Book Marketing

One of the first things I ask new authors is which social media they’re most comfortable using. That’s where an author is most likely going to be, most often. It is much better for an author to only use one or two social platforms and post as often as possible, then to have five or six accounts that they never touch. If you’re unsure of which social platforms to use, do some research on where your audience is. If you write young adult fantasies, your audience is more likely to be places like Snapchat or Twitter instead of Facebook. Knowing where your audience hangs out will help you determine which social media platforms you should have an account on.

Once you’ve created the account or accounts you know you’ll use, I recommend doing your research and finding a scheduling tool that you’re comfortable with.  For more information on choosing a scheduling tool, check out this guest post I wrote for BadRedheadMedia. Having a scheduling tool greatly reduces the amount of time a person needs to be on social media. I personally prefer using Hootsuite to schedule my posts and client posts. I then login to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for about twenty minutes a day and do some following, and engaging with my audience.


Book Reviews

When it comes to book marketing, reviews are an important piece of the puzzle. An author should send ARC (advanced reader copies) to avid or loyal readers, to see if they’re willing to leave reviews on Amazon and/or Goodreads on launch day. These reviews could not only help with things like Amazon rankings, but reviews could also help other readers decide to buy an author’s book.

If you’re an author who has already published their book and can no longer offer ARC copies to readers, using a review service is an excellent opportunity to get reviews for your book. My favorite review service is Author Cross Promotion, I have had the opportunity to use this service with many of my clients. Though it can be a bit time consuming, the service has been beneficial for several authors I know.


There are just a few crucial things an author can do when it comes to book marketing, that can help simplify things, like creating graphics with Canva or Visme, and taking the time to build relationships with both current and potential readers. Offering ARC copies and review copies to readers are two great ways a new author can get more reviews for their book. 

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