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What You Didn’t Know About Hiring an Author Assistant

What You Didn’t Know About Hiring an Author Assistant

I’m continually surprised by how many writers are interested in what I do. Sometimes it feels like I’m hanging out in all the writing groups on Facebook but still haven’t been able to reach anyone. Once again last week, in an effort to find out how I can create a freebie that’s actually valuable for writers, I had another writer ask about what I do.

For me, it seems straight forward. Between the few times, I’ve been a guest on book marketing chat and these blog posts I’ve written, I’ve talked about what I do often. It seems though, that many of my potential clients still don’t know who I am, or what I do.

What is an author assistant?

An author assistant is a virtual assistant who works exclusively or primarily with authors. Though I could just call myself a virtual assistant, I like going with author assistant. Virtual assistants frequently end up being a catch-all for all sorts of businesses and entrepreneurs, I enjoy what I do working with authors and would like to continue working this way, so I make a point to set myself apart from other virtual assistants.

What do I do?

One of the biggest questions I get when I ask writers what questions they have about hiring an author assistant, is “What do you do?” The short answer: anything you need help with. I do everything from social media management to data entry. I will say, the bulk of what I do is social media management. Finding content for my clients, whether that be visuals or articles related to a handful of keywords they’ve chosen and then scheduling that content to post consistently on their social media accounts.

I also do things like newsletter management, designing emails, and then scheduling or sending them for writers. I’ve also taken care of setting up welcome sequences and other automated emails, along with things like uploading new contacts and sorting current audiences. Adding tags, and other Mailchimp maintenance.

I’m willing to try anything once, without it, I’d never know what I do or don’t enjoy doing. I like to fit each package with exactly what my client needs, no two people are the same, and the things they need help with won’t be the same either.

How much does it cost?

The cost can vary, depending on whether you’d like to work with an assistant on a monthly or hourly basis. I charge fifty dollars an hour, for clients who know they only need help with a few things on a short term basis. Many of my clients have been with me long term, and I have created a monthly recurring package for them. We tweak the packages when needed.

If you’ve been stressed, and tasks are falling behind, or aren’t getting done, it might be time to think about hiring someone to help. Make sure that the assistant you hire, is a great fit. If they aren’t, don’t move forward. Ask all the questions you can. Good luck!

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