Book Reviewing

A Book Review Resources Round-Up

One thing I do often as a virtual assistant who works solely with authors is to find book reviewers. This means I’ve been through so many different sites, and techniques, hoping to reach readers. There are a few resources that I have come to love when I need to find reviewers for a book. These resources include Instagram, AuthorsXP and networking.


Important Reasons Authors Need To Be Using Social Media

To some, Instagram may seem like an unlikely place to find book reviewers, but you’d be (pleasantly) surprised. Instagram is absolutely full of readers, most of which who would be glad to read more books! Not only are there casual readers who I’m sure would love more books to devour, but there are also plenty of bookstagrammers too!

If you don’t already follow bookstagrammers, check out this hashtag, to see if you can find anyone you’re interested in working with.


In all of my experience, AuthorsXP is my absolute favorite review service. Sometimes it can be a little bit time consuming but I’ve had the best luck reaching readers with this service. There is a lot of follow-ups involved in this process. Many times you need to reach out to reviewers on several occasions to ensure they have read and reviewed your book, but the hard work pays off.

Good Ole Networking

Whether you need book reviewers or beta readers, don’t discount networking. Sometimes a new reader will just stumble across your profile. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your social media followers, to see if anyone would be interested in reading and reviewing your books.

Networking is so helpful for writers when it comes to turning potential readers into lifelong fans. Many of the authors I read, I love because they took the time to engage with me after I read my first of their books. Some of the authors I absolutely adore because of how personal they get are Danielle Girard, Aimee Brown and J. Daniels.

When it comes to finding reviewers for your books, trust your gut. If it seems like the reader won’t be a good fit, you don’t need to have them review your book. If you put in the time and work, things will surely pay off for you. Good luck, and happy writing!

I loved writing this resources post since my last one Must-See Resources for writers performed so well. My favorite part of being an author assistant is being able to share valuable resources and articles for writers, in an attempt to make things like social media and book marketing simpler for them. For more great tips like these, sign up for my mailing list. I love sharing resources and advice for writers.

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