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Book Review: What We Forgot to Bury by Marin Montgomery

What We Forgot to Bury

Charlotte Coburn unsuspectingly takes in the sweet & helpless Elle in an attempt to turn Elle’s life around. Except everything isn’t what it seems, in fact it’s far from it in this mind-blowing psychological thriller. Sure to be a book you cannot put down!

This book hooked me just a few pages in. I was surprised how fast I had to know more. This book felt like an puzzle and the farther you read the more pieces you were able to fit into place. I absolutely loved that about.

I’m a sucker for a good thriller and this one certainly was one. Based on What We Forgot to Burt, I’m looking forward to picking up more books from Marin Montgomery!

This book left me completely speechless, though it’s only January I have a strong feeling this will be the best psychological thriller I read all year. It was insane, addicting. I absolutely cannot wait to devour every single one of Marin’s books!

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