My Work

Here are examples of some of the promotional graphics I have done for various authors, contact me if you would like work done

I have been known to find several reviewers for my clients, and in some cases reviewers can be more important than sales. After 20 reviews Amazon adds your book to “also bought” and “you might like this” which gets it to a bigger audience. I am also excellent at finding places for authors to guest blog, or to find guest bloggers for your site. I love doing anything and everything that an author could possibly need done,  I love hearing that an author had more time to work on their next book because I was able to do the extra things so they could. Author Amy Rivers who I absolutely love working with sent me this after working together for only a month and a half: “You’re a solid A 🙂 You’ve done so many things for me that would have been pushed to the back burner due to my hectic schedule. You’re easy to work with, very accommodating and I like the way you communicate with the public about my books.”